The parental spelling game never ends

If your a parent or have been around little children your aware of the age old trick of spelling the secret words. As a Mom of five I learned real quick that you can’t just casually blurt out, “hey sweety, we should take the kids to get ice cream.” when you of course value your ear drums. So we learn the spelling game. Then that sentence safely becomes, “hey sweety, we should take the kids to get i…..c…..e…..c…..r…..e…..a…..m.” It really is a wonderful thing. Until of course when they are all old enough that spelling doesn’t do you any good at all then you have to find places to hide to talk about ice cream. Strangely enough by that time your probably just hiding in the bathroom eating the ice cream by yourself anyway so it’s perfect.

With my youngest being nine I’m pretty much done with the spelling game. The only time I really spell anything now is at a child’s request and most of the time I’m not really sure how it’s spelled and have to write it down to see if it “looks right”. (you know you’ve done that) So my spelling game days are over. Well they were till yesterday when I was talking to my family family about something very trivial and I mentioned the word walk in a sentence. Just the word “walk” nothing at all special about it, nothing you have to get excited about, my ears didn’t burst with the screaming but suddenly I noticed that my dog was whining and intent on listening to my every word. His ears were perked up, his tail was wagging he was ready to go on a W……A…..L……K.

I guess the spelling game really never ends.