My fitness realization.

You ever look in the mirror and almost scare yourself?

I never thought this would be me, always being the “skinny” one in the family I always assumed, rather wrongly, that I would never have to worry about what I ate or if I exercised even. The last time I really paid any attention to my appearance I was 5’2″ tall and weighted a roaring 115 lbs dripping wet. One of my favorite things to say back then was “I am the exact same size as when I was in 8th grade” and it was the truth then.  Oh how things change. I almost want to smack myself for being so smug.

About two years ago my husband and I, being blissfully happy and unaware of the outcome, decided that we would stop smoking. Since then someone has installed all  carnival type mirrors and glass everywhere in the world. (I really wish that were true) On a more serious note in just a few short months after stopping my disgusting smoking habit I jumped from a size 4 (yes a 4) to a whopping size 10. (I thought a 10 was huge then)  LOL I doubled my pants size in just a few months. Naively I thought, “well least this is the worst it will be.” Laughs on me again. I think it’s just karma getting back at me for all those times I used to tell my sister, rather emphatically, “it’s just as hard and upsetting to be too thin than it is to be too fat.” OMG I was so wrong.

As I said it’s been two years since we quit and at this point in time I’ve had to shop for additional clothing cause my medium shirts are too tight and my size 10 pants simply cower in fear when they see my hips approaching. So off to get 16’s it is then. That should have been enough of a wake up call to get me moving but of course it wasn’t cause the old “this is as bad as it will get” came to mind again.  My wake up call wasn’t even a medical emergency or near death experience. I simply got out of the bath.

Now if you have ever soaked in a bath you understand how amazing you can feel in the tub. It’s so relaxing and it’s one of my very favorite places to be so I spend at least 5 out of 7 night in the bathtub. On this particular night I was finished with my bath and right about the same time I decided to stand up out of the water so did a submarine. You know that sound  submarines make when they are emerging out of the water. Also similar to that of a whale surfacing. That’s exactly the sound I heard when I was emerging from my bath. When I turned to see the sub I was hit, head on, with the realization of that  horrible noise being me raising my large butt up out of the bath. I was horrified. Yeah I wiped my eyes and laughed it off when telling my husband about the submarine but I just could not believe I had allowed myself to get this big.

A couple days later I was reminded of my mass by my wonderfully horrible over-sized mirror that covers one huge wall right in front of my bathtub/shower. It’s very frightening when the person staring back at you is nothing like you remember them and that person is you. So I decided I had enough and was going to get serious about this whole thing and lose the extra me I was hauling around. So internet searches began.

Oh I love me some internet. You can find anything at all there. I seen a post once that said “tell me something I can’t Google”. So true for this day and age too. But for me, even with all the information available on line I spend most of my time shaking my head or even laughing at the stuff some people think are viable ways to lose weight. Granted I’m sure doing a regimen that resembles something you may find on a military base may very well work for some; however, the only thing I see is my fat ass hyperventilating and reaching for another Mountain Dew. So imagine my surprise when I found this link That’s right a “lazy-girl-fitness” idea. She is brilliant let me tell you. I was in fitness heaven. Someone actually understands me and I wanted to cry.

I would suggest reading this interesting and amazingly easy workout idea. I’ve been using that as well as some “extra” stuff that I will go in to in more detail tomorrow.

The day is winding down at the moment and I’m very happy about that. I shall tell you more of my story on another day. Until then I hope you find some great ideas in the lazy girl fitness link I’ve attached.