Cheaper way to clean windows and Mirrors

It seems every time I walk the aisles of my local grocery store to get those things that the family “needs” I’m disgusted by how much the prices have risen. I know I’m not the only one out there experiences this horrible roller coaster.

We struggle as a family making ends meet, I’m not going to pretend we don’t. We still rent instead of own, I’m a full time student and my husband works. Together we have five children and life is expensive. So when I have to make a store list and include things like “window cleaner” I cringe. Window cleaner to me is not at all a necessity. Just throw some water up on the mirror and rub with a towel till the streaks are gone. (learned that while working at a local hotel)

To me throwing water on the mirror, though the most inexpensive way to clean them isn’t always what I had in mind. I still want the mirror to feel clean in my brain. Water doesn’t do much for germs or help deodorize in any way. For about a year now I’ve just been using an old window cleaner bottle filled half with vinegar and half with water. It about blows you out of the bathroom while you are using it but the mirrors are nice and sparkly. I was sure there was still a better, more efficient way, to not buy window cleaner and not have our nostril hairs burning while trying to use the homemade stuff. So on to the next trial.

After snooping around at what others do I decided that maybe half vinegar and half water was a little too strong so I decided to do 1 cup of vinegar per 1 gallon jug of water. Now that’s a huge leap but if it didn’t work I could just add more vinegar later so what the heck. Then someone else posted that they heard maid services used three drops of dawn in a gallon of water to do windows. (soap, yeah we like soap) I then added that to my gallon jug and am happy to announce that it works wonderfully.

For just a few cents I created an entire jug of window cleaner. The vinegar in the mix will deodorize while the soap will of course clean. I tested this out before even starting to type this blog and it worked wonderfully. Even on a bathroom mirror that has tolerated six people brushing there teeth all at the same place. (it’s a very tolerant mirror).

So again if you choose to make it, it’s super easy. You wouldn’t even have to measure it in a gallon jug really. You could just add a little vinegar, water and then a few drops of soap in whatever spray bottle you are going to use. I would use just one drop of soap in a spray bottle though to keep it from getting soapy. If you want to do the gallon jug as I have Just mix the following

Homemade Window Cleaner

  1. 1 cup vinegar
  2. fill till about 2 inches full with water
  3. add 3 drops of dish soap

I don’t have issues with this streaking so far but on vehicles or things in direct sunlight you may want to use newspapers as  your cloth, it helps prevent streaks.

You could get fancy if you wanted and get special jugs for the cleaners or what not. As you can tell I’m about as cheap as you get with just a recycled milk jug and a permanent marker. 🙂


To make it family fun I allowed my kids to help me decorate the bottles of spray. (we are working on several other home made clean products as well)


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