One More Step

She wishes to remove doubt from her mind

Pictures and memories to leave behind

Newness replaces the old and worn

Lovers looks of angry scorn

Chapters close as doors do too

Opening windows to skies of blue

Mountain top men of guidance and light

Crows and rabbits taking flight

It is what you see, what you hear and feel

Remember illusions not all is real

She fights to prove to herself she can

She fights cause crying is getting old again

The release, the steam, the energy flow

Reminds her of a time when things went slow

She basks in the hours of more knowledge to gain

And shivers as the cracks cause her more pain

She’s exposed bleeding left for dead

Lies spoken to her jumble her head

Hatred drowns and fills her soul

Love leaks in and makes a hole

Strong is her fight for all she believes

Soft are her mannerisms as she tries not to flee

You got this, she says, just one more step

Towards heaven or hell; she hasn’t decided yet.


Post away, I love to hear from readers. Good bad and ugly give it a go.

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