Muay Thai

Muay Thai means:

  • Finding that level of respect for yourself that maybe you didn’t know was there
  • Adjusting your life to take in more so you can be more
  • Respecting others, other opponents, other companions, other friends, other enemies
  • Wrapping and gloving so you can move your bodies energy in a way that says, “not today! You won’t get the best of me today.”
  • Pushing yourself to do ten more seconds of Muay Thai push ups, one more minute of the knee drills
  • Sweating and practicing breathing as your body fights to change
  • Conditioning, burning, repeating, enjoying, crying
  • Absorption, blocking, clinching, kneeing, firing back
  • Drills, drills, and a few more drills
  • Feeling the pain and pushing through
  • Do it again, step out, where’s your 45, stop stepping into me
  • Chase it down
  • 20 more kicks, faster, do it again
  • Stop dropping your hands, what was that, get it together
  • Walking knees, crunches, hip ups, mountain climbers
  • Cardio, endurance, weight loss, self-esteem
  • Wishing you’d have found it earlier
  • Changing for the better
  • Finding passion
  • Having fun doing something you love
  • Better  today than you were yesterday

Post away, I love to hear from readers. Good bad and ugly give it a go.

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