Demon Mind

Cloaked, masked, blurry and bleak

This stranger of mine came to me.

Removing of things I’ve tried to hide

Asking questions while I meekly glide

Dance dance around the truth

Backspace, backspace-No! Where’s mute?

Filters are falling, thoughts grow thick

Times are changing, monsters are quick

Battles are fought inside and out

Many know not for what they’re about

The demons cringe as they glare at my soul

Bright and burning too much to hold

They hiss and wish they were enough

So they could consume it and feel of its love

Inside it would change things, better or worse

Some could not handle. No time to converse

The demons wave giggle and play

They pave destruction the light goes away

The dark consumes and tries to bind

Then I realize it’s just my mind!


Post away, I love to hear from readers. Good bad and ugly give it a go.

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