I’ve seen the despair carried heavy in their eyes

When all many could see was deceit and lies

I hear the pain in their voice

When others see acts of poor choice


I see the meaning behind the rage

When others blame it on the age

I see them come in scared and alone

Welcome then as family into our home


To find what it is that my heart feels

Is a deed better left alone

As tiny pieces of what used to be

Weight heavy like a tortured soul


I feel the failures I wish were not

And hear the promises I should have forgot

I see the new smiles I’ve helped to create

Yet visions of confusion are my sudden fate


I view the present as it is and smile at success

but waiting around the curve is happiness’ sudden death

I cringe and cry and crawl through pain

I wish to fix it yet again


I watch as all I knew was good

lives it’s last breath, understood

Then the pain hits again as I wonder what they’ll see

Will they view the stance as strength or hold it forever against me


By: Paula Plunkett