Our beautiful Lady Bugs


This is one amazing cat. She spent 11 years of her life here in this family. She had more personality in one of her paws then most of us have completely. I would like for you all to meet “lady” bugs.

This little lady as I said came into our lives 11 years ago via my front porch. Our next door neighbors were apparently her owners and she was a very mean cat and very abused. The first time we met she was stuck outside during a huge rainstorm and was just meowing her little head off trying to get in out of the rain. I called and called and called her until she finally braved the drops and came over to the porch. I set her up with a towel inside a box and gently dried her off. By gently of course I mean as she walked by me I would rub her with the towel. Every time I touched her she growled and hissed at me but I had no doubt that she was thankful I was helping her dry off.  The box later became her makeshift house. The above picture is not of the box I’m speaking but does give you an idea of how much she loved her boxes as I’m sure most cats do.

After this incident she started coming over more and more often. The final straw for me was when she came over and her tail was cut almost an inch deep like someone had tried to cut it off. I ran inside grabbed a towel and antibiotics and threw the towel over her head and held her down to put medicine on that cut. Boy was she ever mad at me. A few days of that and her tail started healing up pretty nicely. She also at this time decided it was time she came into my house. Now mind you she was not at all nice yet.  The first place she ran was under the kitchen table and every time my girls would walk by she would growl and hiss at them or jump out at there ankles. Thankfully she was de-clawed. I would tell her to stop that and that she needed to be a “lady” hence where she got her name. Lady bugs is just a nickname for her.

After the under the table phase that lasted about a month she started sitting on the back of our couch but if you even tried to sit down she would attack your head. lol. She was so silly. She got in trouble for doing that of course and quickly learned what, “if you don’t like it, you better get down” meant. Finally a few more months after this and she decided she could sit on the couch with someone else as long as they didn’t accidentally touch her. 🙂 but in time she did learn that we were her friends.

She would come and go through out the day but finally learned how to “knock” on the screen door to get herself let back in from outside. Normally this happened at like 2am. I would hear this weird clicking sound and it was her bouncing on the door. She would go on one side of the porch then run towards the door pushing against it with her paws when she got to it to stop. She would continue this till she woke me up and I would let her in.  After this came her mouse phase.

There’s nothing quiet like having a cat jump up on your lap and drop a 1/2 dead mouse on it. This became  her thing for a few weeks. She would also line all the dead mouse up out on the porch in a nice neat row.

Then came moving time for my family and honestly there was no way at all that I was going to leave her there without me. We were moving to an entire different city and after all the abuse I seen her suffer and all the fights from other cats and being kicked by the owners I just couldn’t leave her. So we brought her with us and she became an inside cat. Well for the most part. She did get spunky at times and take off running out the door or jump off the balcony a time or two but she always came back. She knew she was loved and  cared for.

She has been an ear to everyone here in the house. A best friend at times to me and a wonderful friend and companion to my kids. She was given to my oldest daughter as a gift cause little Lady bugs just adored Darian. It did help that she made her boxes with fluffy blankets and pillows to sleep. As the years passed she was a constant in our lives. She was part of the family. Age started taking hold about this time last year.

It started by her losing all her weight. Then she was having potty issues. She couldn’t see very well anymore and her hearing would have qualified her for a hearing aid I think. 

Over the past couple days things have just progressed and our little girl was not doing so well. She couldn’t make it up and down the stairs anymore and she was having problems breathing. She’s done so much for our family and brought us so much laughter from the younger years of pulling in mice to the older years when she would not tolerate the dog or cat. Boy did she know how to run a house though. Our silly dog knew she was the boss and wouldn’t even pass her if she was on the stairs. He would stay downstairs and whine until one of us came and got him. She would always have a look on her face like “that’s right, fear me you mangy dog”. LOL. She was spoiled too. She would run in the bathroom with you while you were in there and meow at you until you turned the water on so she could get  a drink. At the end she could no longer jump that high so we would have to pick her up to allow her those comforts as well.

Today is a sad day. As we lay her peacefully to rest the sorrow can not be explained. The joy that she’s given us will never be forgotten and neither will she.

We love you Lady Bugs, thank you for all you’ve given our family. You will be missed.



2 thoughts on “Our beautiful Lady Bugs

  1. Tina says:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. You always make me laugh with stories and sometimes cry. I could see your facial expressions as I read lady bugs’ story, which made me giggle a time or two. I am so very proud of you, you are a very gifted writer. Love you always.

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