Why am I… wait what?

I’m going to be like a million and one other folks on here sitting at our computers thinking, “hey I should write something” then spending the next thirty minutes to an hour wondering what to write and putting test words down in our minds. Of course using test words in the mind will then leave room for us soon to be bloggers a chance to also come up with all the possible comments that may be said to those pretend words. That’s a lot of stress on a blogger, it’s amazing any of us actually push save on what we have decided to say. I guess in reality we are all hiding quietly and, possibly a little nervously, behind a computer screen, crossing fingers and praying that someone subscribes to our blog.

So begins my adventure into blogging. The original post said something like “type here why you started this blog” and of course my answer is “hey I should write something.” <crickets chirping> I’m sure everyone has just left now and here I sit in silence behind my computer. (didn’t picture that happening in my test word experiment)

On a side note, if anyone other than me is still reading this, I hope to put down on paper (computer) how my adventures with homemade products, fitness, new and exciting (or just really messy) meals, growing old and exploring life as a Wife, Mom and student happen to turn out over the next little bit. I figure if nothing else I have just started a really souped up version of a diary. Only this one will be edited a bit for the average audience and so might actually make me sound a bit friendlier than my personal notes hidden in a notebook titled “keep out”.

Welcome to whywait4life!


Post away, I love to hear from readers. Good bad and ugly give it a go.

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